Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nuk Orthostar Pacifier Product Review

I wasn't a fan of pacifiers until I became a mother. I saw many kids who were three or four-years-old and totally dependent on their pacifiers and I didn't want that to be my child. On the other hand, I also have seen kids in middle school who still struggle with thumb-sucking. It is much easier to take a pacifier away than a baby's thumb. 

Shortly before my sweet baby girl was born NUK came out with a new pacifier made completely of silicone. There are no plastic pieces, so it is completely safe. Available in blue, green, pink and purple, these pacifiers are one piece and completely flexible. It won't leave marks on her face and even if she ends up sleeping on it, it is soft and just squishes. I can put it right in boiling water to sterilize it and there is nowhere for "gunk" to hide. It is so easy to clean!I am glad that it is easy to clean, because the silicone does attract dust and hair if it gets on the floor!

The nipple is orthodontic and soft. The pacifier is shaped to fit under her nose, and there is definitely a top and bottom to the pacifier, as you can see in the pictures. There is also a tab with a hole that can be used to secure the pacifier to a strap. We keep one pacifier hooked onto the car seat which we can then hook onto her clothing if we are away from home and need it, and we have one that is loose in her crib for her to find and use if she wakes up and feels that she needs it. At two months old, we were able to lay our sleepy girl in her crib with a pacifier and she could put herself to sleep without complaint. That is such a blessing!

We don't let her have her pacifier all the time. She can have it in her car seat and she knows it! She always looks for it when I strap her in. She has a pacifier in her crib for sleeping. We give one to her if she gets noisy in church or other situations where we need her to cooperate quietly. I filled a few of her pacifiers with water and froze them for teething, which worked well. As she soothed her gums the ice would slowly melt and it was such a small amount that it didn't matter. Oh, and every now and then she needs one for comfort, especially when I am not around to nurse her. When we put her in her life jacket for the first time she didn't like how much it separated us, and the pacifier made it easier for her to handle.
I am glad we made the decision to use pacifiers in moderation, and we plan to wean her off them sooner rather than later. She currently uses the 0-6 month size and we will not be getting the next size up, so eventually the suction should break and she should begin to lose interest. If you have been checking out pacifiers, take a look at the NUK orthostar next time you are at a local department store. It costs right around $4 for a 2-pack and it just might be a worthwhile investment for your family! We love ours!

It is important to note that we bought the pacifiers ourselves and are in no way associated with the NUK company. The opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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