Monday, June 10, 2013

Got it covered: Review of the Tommee Tippee Explora Bib

When our daughter was a little baby and entirely breastfed, I always brought some absorbent bibs with me in the diaper bag because so much milk would drip out of the side of her mouth while she was nursing that she would drench a burp cloth at home with each feeding. The bibs were absorbent enough to use a few times since they would dry some between uses if I didn't pack them back into the bag, and I would wash them as soon as I got home. The system wasn't perfect, but it was better than using 3 or 4 bulky burp cloths for my messy eater.

Tommee Tippee Explora Bib
Our daughter didn't drool much unless she was teething, so she didn't wear bibs incessantly like some babies do. When we started feeding her other foods, I knit her a few bibs using garter stitch, based on the pattern, "Baby Bib O' Love" in Mason-Dixon Knitting. The bibs are absorbent but don't catch big chunks that fall between my daughter and the table. Also, they generally required washing after each use. I also had some terry bibs with plastic backing and a Velcro closure. Our daughter would become preoccupied playing with her crinkly bib rather than eating, and again, there was no crumb-catcher. I started looking for other options on

That's when I stumbled across the Tommee Tippee Explora Bib. These bibs are made from a rubbery material (BPA free), have a pocket for catching crumbs, are easy to wash, and have button closures rather than Velcro. The pocket actually stays open (unlike similar cloth ones) and catches many crumbs and spills. I found them at Target in a 2-pack for under $10. The ones in the pictures on amazon are slightly different from ours. Ours have only three button slots and they don't have a cut-out in the front of the neckline. Honestly, I wish there was a smaller setting because these are still a bit big in the neck area and sometimes a glob of yogurt will make it down the neck of the bib on the inside. Right now I can layer an Explora bib over an absorbent bib and the combination is perfect, but most of the time I don't bother. I am really glad that I found these, and I really like them. I can roll them up and put them in the diaper bag. After a meal, I can rinse the bib and throw it right in the dish drainer, ready to use again. Red tomato sauce did stain one of our bibs, but it wasn't washed immediately, which may have made a difference. It definitely doesn't change the function of the bib at all. Some of the common complaints in online reviews have to do with hair getting caught in the button closure. This hasn't been an issue for us yet.

As you can see in this picture, our daughter will eat out of the pocket. She has filled it with cheerios and will walk around with her snack. I highly recommend the Tommee Tippee Explora Bib. I think that they are a great size, they come in pretty colors, and most importantly, they are very functional. Next time I am at Target, I think I'll pick up the other two colors if they have them in stock. I like them that much, and our daughter does too!

It is important to note that we bought these bibs ourselves and I received no
compensation or products in exchange for this review. I am no affiliated with
Tommee Tippee in any way. My opinions are my own!


  1. I also like this type of bib. I wouldn't know what my life would be without the silicone bib. It is so much easy to clean which is what I really love about it.

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