Friday, January 2, 2015

Packing the "Hospital Bag"

I had no idea what to expect when I was preparing for my daughter's birth. I packed everything I could think of. We only needed about a third of what I brought, and my mother had to wash our laundry, and my husband had to make several trips to Walmart while I was in the hospital for the things I didn't think of, or the things I might need going home. It is awful to have to stop at a store like Walmart before heading home from the hospital with a newborn. It's better to be prepared. This time around, my packing list is quite different. I am going to go through my list and explain as I go.


  1. Birthing Wrap. During delivery, I do wear the "real" hospital gowns, but afterwards, it was very nice to slip into something more comfortable and easy to nurse in. Heck, I even felt pretty. This is the kind I have, but in medium, and black. Mine wasn't as expensive, since I hit a sale.
  2. Nursing Nightgowns. I didn't bring anything like this last time, but I did wish I had them. I was in the hospital for a week, so wearing the same thing day after day made me feel gross and wearing hospital gowns got old. I am bringing two with me this time.
  3. Nursing Bras. Bravado bras are my absolute favorite, but I also like HotMilk bras. My milk came in while I was in the hospital and the stretchy sleep bras I brought just didn't cut it. This time I am bringing my nursing bras. 
  4. Nursing Pads. My husband had to buy these for me. I have some reusable nursing pads that I brought last time, but they slide around and I could saturate them in a matter of an hour. The disposable ones worked well for me and they have good adhesive that hold them in place. I changed them every single time I nursed. I prefer the regular lansinoh ones to the ultra-soft version. The adhesive didn't leave sticky residue like the ultra soft pads. 
  5. Nursing Cover. Last time, I never used this because I forgot I had it and breastfeeding was frustrating enough without trying to be covered too. This time, I am bringing it again, in hopes that I do use it instead of sending visitors in the hallway for an hour.I don't mind nursing in front of my family and close friends, but I am not comfortable nursing in front of just anyone. 
  6. Slippers/Flip flops. I pack both my own slippers and my husband's. I also bring a pair of flip flops for the shower. These got a lot of use last time.
  7. Comfy pants/gauchos. I no longer fit my maternity pants when I left the hospital, but many people do. Comfy, stretchy pants or skirts will fit if I am big or small going home. I am over two hours from the hospital and comfortable pants are essential for the ride home.
  8. Other clothes for both me and my husband. I will be bringing a few pairs of comfortable underwear, and a few loose tops.  I bring three pairs of shorts, three t-shirts, and three pairs of underwear for my husband. He will use one pair of shorts for sleeping. 
  9. Toiletries. I bring toothbrushes, toothpaste, and deodorant for both of us. For me, I bring a razor, coconut oil (for face lotion), my hairbrush, hair elastics, a headband, and a small mirror. I don't use "real" deodorant, so I will bring a small mason jar of baking soda instead.  We both use baking soda and vinegar instead of shampoo or conditioner, so I will bring those from our shower as well. 
  10. Camera and Charger. Taking pictures from the beginning and pictures of everything I want to remember is important. Also, the camera charger, for obvious reasons.
  11. Cell Phone and Charger. Cell phones don't always work well reception-wise in hospitals, but they work well as a phone book.
  12. Copies of Birthing Plan. If I end up with a different doctor, I want to have copies of my birth plan available. 
  13. Swaddle Blankets for baby. I really like the Aden and Anais swaddle blankets, so I am bringing a few to use in the hospital. They also have plenty of blankets there, but we were not able to bring them home with us. I like the idea of keeping the blankets used by my newborn in the hospital, so I will bring my own.
  14. Clothes for baby. Besides an outfit or two to come home in, I will bring a few newborn nightgowns. Because we do not know the gender of our baby, I will bring a few gender-neutral outfits, and a few pink ones.
  15. Car Seat and base. Okay, it isn't in my bag. It will be installed in the car, ready to use. The hospital provides diapers, wipes, and a nasal syringe to take home, so a diaper bag is unnecessary to bring, but the car seat needs to be there. I have a Keyfit 30. 

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  1. Those are all what you'll really need for that type of purpose. It's wisest to take all the necessary equipment into account, especially for something as essential and as significant as a hospital birthing bag. You should also make sure that you've got them all at one place, exactly where and when you want and need them to be. Thanks for sharing that! Take care!

    Clay Delgado @ World Packaging Inc.