Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The bottle made for breast-fed babies: review of Lansinoh mOmma

My baby is breast-fed, but I do work half-time and so she does need a bottle around 9:30 while I am at work. Before I went back to work from maternity leave and summer vacation, we tried giving her a bottle a few times, without much success. Sometimes it would work, but mostly she would chomp on the nipple and cry or end up choking when milk came out too fast. She had a very hard time transitioning back and forth between nursing and bottle-feeding. We started off using the evenflo glass bottles with silicone nipples. I now use those bottles for pumping. I started looking online for something better for my daughter.

In my searches online I came across bottles of all shapes, sizes and colors. If you have searched for bottles for breast-fed babies, you probably know what I mean! I eventually discovered that Lansinoh has a line of bottles and cups designed to reduce nipple confusion. There were many different options to pick from, some were bigger and some had a weighted bottom so that the bottle/cup couldn't tip over (think of weebles). I bought two of the regular 3oz bottles to try out.
The difference is amazing. She is able to suck the same way she does when she nurses, and the hole is very small so she still has to work for it. It does have a vent, so she can keep eating without taking breaks. I can clean the entire bottle with hot soapy water and a dishcloth and I can reach the inside corners without a bottle brush. The bottle has a cover that pops on and off and stays well. I like this because I can throw an empty bottle into the diaper bag to take it to the babysitter's house and the nipple won't attract fuzz.
I have to say that this bottle is not without flaws: I do have to screw the cover on tightly to avoid leaking. Also, the babysitter has expressed frustration more than once that she can never get the last bit out because of the round shape of the bottle. I honestly intended to only use glass bottle because even though plastic can be BPA-free, there might be other bad things in it that we don't know about yet. These bottles are made out of plastic, so I do have that hesitation. I wish that Lansinoh mOmma made the same peristaltic nipples to fit on any standard bottle or standard wide-mouth bottle, but they don't.
Cool things about this bottle:  you can buy different tops to change the bottle into a silicone sippy and then a hard sippy and then a straw cup, so you can get a lot of mileage out of your purchase if you plan to use sippy cups. I plan to go straight to a real cup for the most part.  I also really appreciate the fact that they are produced by a company that encourages breastfeeding. I buy nursing pads and milk storage bags from them. Overall I definitely recommend this bottle, despite the minor drawbacks. I really look forward to seeing what else this company develops in the future!
It is important to not here that I purchased the bottles myself and that I am not in any way associated with the Lansinoh Company.

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